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QCon London 1

Reflections on the tutorial day of the QCon conference in London.

Sitting in the lounge of QCon London looking at the Westminster Abbey, the sun is shining, with a cup of coffee, I'll take a short reflection on yesterday's tutorials.
The first tutorial was by Linda Rising on "Influence Strategies". This tutorial was great: An almost perfect mix of scientific background, practical everyday context, and not the least, a great amount of warmth and humour. The techniques taught in the tutorial are quite applicable, so watch out! I might start using them on you...
The other tutorial by Sam Aaron on "Aesthetical Programming" did not really fulfil my expectations. There were some interesting discussions on aesthetics applied to computer programs, but overall the practical aspect was not covered enough, in my opinion. The most interesting part of the discussion went on "modernism" vs "wabi-sabi" and made me think about how strictness and regularity of the language influences
the changeability of programs. I had hoped for more practical advice on how to improve readability of code. Sam has made his case for DSLs,
of course, and that has been well received. The tutorial could have been improved with more concrete listings and examples. Nevertheless,
I have a lot of interesting things to reflect on when I'll read the handouts again with some distance to the tutorial.
On the conference itself: It's very international, in the first tutorial we had people from at least twelve countries from all across the world. The rooms are convenient, but as I carry a power-sucking-Dell-laptop I had wished for power supplies. Food was fine -- that's important, as I learned from Linda's session, and the location is superb: Westminster Abbey is across the street and a lot of things to see besides computers and geeks within walking distance.
I'm looking forward to having the conference talks today.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009  | Permalink |  Comments (1)

Glad you're enjoying yourself!

Posted by Mike Meessen at 2009-03-11 19:26
Hey buddy,

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself! Looking forward to hearing about all the great new Stuff you'll bring us from QCon 2009 ;-) Although... I don't think I want you to try your influencing mind manipulation skills on me... STAY OUT OF MY BRAIN! xD

Considering I could've been sitting next to you right now... in front of Westminster... under the sun... *sigh*.

(For the unaware reader: I had to refuse the trip to QCon because my band has a concert planned this friday the 13th... just noticing... the date must be the reason! And while we're at it, more info on the concert can be found on my Band's Homepage at , sorry for the Spam Martin, hope you'll forgive me ;-))

Anyway, enjoy your stay! Day-to-day business is already waiting for you back here ;-) -- Have fun!

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